Abbotsford Foreclosures

The Kinfolk Real Estate Group can offer you expert advice on buying Abbotsford foreclosures. If this is something you are considering, call today to discuss your goals and how the foreclosure process could work for you.

There are great deals to be had by buying foreclosures in Abbotsford, but this is not guaranteed. It is important to get the right advice and be thoughtful about finding the ideal opportunity.

Knowledge of the processes involved is also a must as buying an Abbotsford foreclosure listing differs from other home sales. For instance, there are special requirements involved in submitting an offer on a foreclosure listing.

What you should know about buying an Abbotsford foreclosure:

  • Any offer on an Abbotsford foreclosure is made subject-free. This means that the property must be bought as-is.
  • A Schedule A form, which releases the lender and owner from responsibility, must be included with any offer submitted on a foreclosure property.
  • While buying an Abbotsford foreclosure can make for a good deal, do your homework to make sure the deal is as good as it appears.
  • Foreclosure sales do not include anything that is not fixed. Appliances are not fixed, but you might get lucky on possession day.
  • Offers are made at the court date. When there are multiple offers, the winner is decided by the judge. This is usually the highest offer, but other factors can come into it.